The easy way to flavor water when camping.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
I found something that makes life better when out camping. I like to add some Lemon Juice to my water or Lime Juice to add a little flavor.

Well I found a easy way to have Lemon , Lime , Grapefruit or Orange and not having to take the solid fruits or the bottled juices with me, just some small light weight packets. each individual serving has only three ingredients in it.

The packet of the Lemon Flavor.
1. Citric Acid
2. Lemon Oil
3.Lemon Juice
No Preservatives , Gluten free.

They are from True Lemon ( ) and each little packet is equal to one wedge of the selected fruit. Each packet it slightly smaller then an individual , serving , sugar packet.


The Crystallized it is nothing but Crystallized fruit without any artificial sweetener in it.

The Lemonade has the ( Stevie ) sweetener in it and is 10 calories while the crystallized fruit is 0 calories.