Uncle John's Plans


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The arc on the bottom does cut out the rocker,but at what degree. The width affects the rocker too. But we'll stick to one thing at a time. You need to know about how much weight you will carry most of the time and ajust this 2" or 1 /2" for the arc. what you want is the bow just out of the water. If is to high, it will catch air and you will wander back and forth. If in the water than you will be pushing water the whole time. this is another notch up,good luck, keith


Jan 25, 2022
OK... found it!

Here's the link to some free plans:

http://www.lsuagcenter.com/en/our_offic ... irogue.htm

I think the stems are exactly what you were describing.

Interesting plans but I think by in-curving the bottom edge of the side boards it would reduce/remove the rocker that you would get with the UJ plans.
The link above is no longer valid. https://www.lsuagcenter.com/~/media/system/3/1/4/f/314fa826354f6585a2d07063ed8aa2ca/2801pirogue.pdf is correct as of today.