Vegetable soup or a beefy vegetable soup or a wet beef stew


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Vegetable soup or a beefy vegetable soup or a wet beef stew , your call. :lol:

Warning... I start this at 11 AM and it is ready around 5 PM.

1.... Start out with a large pot , really large , add some olive oil , your choice on the amount. ( I make sure the bottom is covered) Then when it is hot add about 1 1/2 pounds of beef stew chunks. Throw in some salt an pepper and brown the meat.
( a few of your favorite spices does not hurt anything at this time )

2....When the meat is browned all around add a couple cups of water , now the work beings. :wink:

3.... Slice up an onion and add it to the pot.
4.....Slice up a small head of cabbage and add it to the pot.

4 &1/2.. Might want to add a little more water and let this cook for a couple of hours.

5....After a few hours then add some corn and carrots , slice the carrots up and the corn can be one of those frozen packs of it , the ice in it adds some more water. Stir it and forget it for an hour or so.

6....About two hours before you want to eat it add a frozen pack or Garden peas , Some string beans ( the green ones ) and some limas.
NOTE .. Make sure you take them out of the package.
Now slice and dice up a couple of potatoes into half inch chunks and add them.
( for myself I add some okra , the wife hates it , I love it )

Stir and continue simmering for about two hours........

NOW the fun starts........

Get some bowels out of the cupboard , fill them with this and enjoy with a good loaf of bread , garlic butter and your favorite beverage.

The left overs ... there will be some , trust me on that if you have done it right ... seal them in a container and put them in the frig , this is a lot better the next day. :D

Even better put some in a freezer bag roll it into a log and freeze it then when going camping take a log of it with you , reheat and eat. Home cooking without the troubles when camping.

Guess what we are having for supper ... Yep , I can smell that delicious smell of it cooking ( simmering) in the kitchen while I'm here on the computer. :p

PS. In this I don't flour the meat and make a roux so I guess it is more of a soup then a stew. You could use a slow cooker but that takes all the fun out of it.



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May 24, 2008
lakside village, texas
If you glass and epoxy the bread bowls, inside and out, they are dishwasher safe. If you are going to use them outdoors, you might want to slap on a little Z-spar, to protect the epoxy from the sun.


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Dec 8, 2005
Queensland, Australia
Chuck, that sounds a little similar to our soup mate. :D

Couple of differences.
We also add the following,

1 - 1/2 a bunch of celery stalks - chopped up

2 - A parsnip or swede, chopped up

3 - several good chunks of our pumpkin chopped up

4. For the meat, we prefer lamb neck chops and shanks, Usually about 8 chops and a couple of shanks.

5. pretty much any other vegie that we have handy also goes in. We leave out the cabbage.

We just put it all into a pressure cooker at once and cook for about an hour. Saves a lot of standing by the stove. Our cooker holds about 8 litres.(not sure what that is in US Gallons) sorry.

Does anybody else here use a pressure cooker? Would be very interested in swapping some recepies 8)

'Tis winter here now, We make a pot of this or a variation of it, when-ever the left-overs start to get low and freeze it in containers. We live on it at home and take it to work - nuke it there - too easy. 8)