Well I have been having some sort of a time.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Well I have been having some sort of a time.

It all started back 11 months ago and got serious in the last month and a half.
I visit my dentist for a cleaning every 6 months and had one without any incidents.

The next cleaning the hygienist noticed a small growth in the lower left side near the saliva gland back of the last bottom molar.
Went back in 6 months for a cleaning and my Dentist looked at it and asked about it , then suggested I have it checked.

OK , good idea lets see what is going on back there. He suggested a Oral Surgeon so I set up an appointment with him. Two weeks to wounder about what he will find. Arrived for the initial look see and then set a appointment for a biopsy on the area.

By now I am getting a little worried.
Went for the biopsy and had to go back 14 days later for the lad report.
Went in for the results and he was not smiling , Yep it is squamous cell carcinoma in stu involvement of minor salivary gland duct with no invasive malignancy identified. OK in plain language the malignancy is in the outer areas and not all the way into the tissue and bone.

He recommends a Oral Surgeon who specializes in oral cancer surgery so I set up an appointment with him.
Yep , two weeks for the appointment and more time to worry , by now I'm getting concerned about the treatment. My neighbor just completed chemo and radiation for lung cancer and beat it.

Off to see the doc so he can check the lab report and have a look see then let me know what the game plan will be.
He advised this cancer is a stage #1 with #4 being the worst. He advised that it normally goes from a stage #1 to a stage #4 skipping 2 & 3since the area is so thin. Stage #4 is when they remove some of the bone.
He told me that a pathologist will be in the operating room to test the tissue so they know when they get to the good tissue that's cancer free. He also told me it is either a go home after the operation or I might have to stay in the hospital overnight depending on the situation.

That same day I set up all the necessary appointments and the day for the surgery , the time is yet to be scheduled. I'm told it should be about a two hour time on the table at the hospital. Two more weeks to think about what has already happen and will happen. By now I can visualize someone using a chain saw to remove everything then following it up with buckets of chemo and radiation ray guns. A MIND IS A HORRIBLE THING WHEN GUESSING ABOUT THE UNKNOWN.

Went to the hospital yesterday at 11:00 a.m. , operating room at 1:00 p.m. out at 4:30 p.m. Made it home at 7:30 p.m.without the overnight stay at the hospital.

I asked the wife why so long ( 3.30 hours ) and she said that he had to take more tissue and deeper then expected to get all of the cancer out. ( She said an area about the size of a Half Dollar and a little deeper. ) That was the idea and I am happy , sore as hell , but happy he got all of it.
On the lighter side I have to keep my head above a 30 degree angle when sleeping so I am sleeping in my Lazy Boy Chair , It's a real lazy boy user and chair right now with me in it. :lol: My energy has got up and gone for right now.

Now it's the healing process with follow up appointments and I am looking forward to having a solid meal in the near future. I'm hoping sometime after the follow up with the doc on Tuesday.
Quite and experience and I do not wish it on anyone but if that does happens to you DO NOT waste any time correcting it.


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Apr 5, 2007
on the bank of Trinity Bay
Glad everything turned out ok. I guess at our age if someone says anything about something out of the ordinary we should have it looked at straight away. What's that old saying? A stitch in time saves nine.


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Jul 17, 2012
This gettin old ain't fun. I'm sorry to hear about the cancer but glad it wasn't worse. Praying for you, Chuck. Will you have to go through any other procedures? Dave.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Just a follow up from the what's it worth department.... :roll:

One Month later and I can actually bite a Banana like a person bites a Hot Dog , no more just nibbling on it. It seams like it has taken forever to be able to open wide enough to accomplish that feat. Now I am doing stretching exercises so I can open wider and one day be able to open far enough to tackle a Burger King Whopper. :lol:

Do Not take opening wide and tackling a Dagwood Sandwich for granted , it is a fine art and something to be appreciated till you temporally lose that ability for weeks on end and have to work to get it back. It is no fun because every time you open you stretch that incision and area ( the muscles back of the molars ) and it does smart , right well.

I guess he hit a nerve on that side while he was working back there because the left side of the tongue at times is numb or tingles. I was advised that should go away in another month or two. Only chewing soft foods , really soft ones on that side , it's a wee bit tender back there.

All in all it's not real bad if you like Soups , Cottage Cheese , Applesauce , Instant breakfast mixes , protein drinks and anything else soft. All of those while gradually going over to soft meats and on up the food ladder. Today was a milestone because I actually had a piece of Fried Chicken without the good crunchy fried skin but it still was dam good. Soft stuff on the left and anything else on the right till the day arrives when they can meet.

One up side to all of this is the Sunday Morning breakfast when the wife and I go out to eat..... I have graduated from Pancakes ( One small piece at a time ) to Sausage Gravy and Biscuits with Scrambled eggs.
My old standard breakfast of scrambled Eggs , Grits , Bacon and Sourdough Toast still scares me with the crunchy toast and bacon. I think I might go with the Eggs , Grits , Sausage patties ( Bacon replacement ) and a Biscuit ( Toast replacement ) real soon. :D

All of this has become a interesting , educational , learning experience and a different way to lose weight which let me accomplish my targeted weigh goal. 8)