went fishin yest`dy


Apr 13, 2008
sharps chapel
I went bank fishin yest`dy in a little hunny hole I knows about. It`s a little cove that has a crik a flowin into it. I usually catch nuff hand sized stripe and white bass along wiff crappie and bluegill ta stink up a skillit right proper. No sech luck yes`tdy. Don`t know uhut went wiff those fish. All I cought wuz a couple 11/2 to 2pound largemouff on roostertails. Did have a niceun blow up on a top water rappy. Knocked that rappy a couple a feet outta the water an cought it afore it the water. Fight wuz on but hopeless on my part. I wuz usin a lite weight 5ft.rod and light reel wiff 4# test. Bass jumped couple times. Broke line, fung lure back at me and went on his merry way. Did get plug back, snagged it wiff a rooster tail. The odd thing wuz I had left my tackle box open ta change lures an had to run water snake outta my box two different times. Finally kept couple roostertails and put tackle box in truck. Didn`t see ary snake after that. Sure would like ta know whut wuz so fascinatin bout that box!?! Had a good time. :D

Kayak Jack

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Aug 26, 2003
Okemos / East Lansing Michigan
Caretaker, You've heard the old expression, "Good thing it wasn't a snake - it would've bitten me"? It happened to me one day, minus the bite.

We were riding in northern California one Saturday, and I had to stop to inspect bushes very carefully, preferably out of sight of the road. I knew of a creek under a bridge up ahead, and pulled over. Got off my bike and climbed down to the creek and out of sight. I was just doing a great job of fire fighting (wetting down dry weeds to prevent forest fires) when ALL OF A SUDDEN - a big black snake broke cover right at my feet and swam across the stream. He was big; threw coils out two feet wide.

After that, no fire would've threatened my pant legs or boots; they were well wetted down and protected. There, at my feet, laid a sunfish with four teeth marks in him. evidently, the snake had been trying to swallow it, and had to spit it out to flee.

Now, I try to pay more attention.


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Mar 9, 2005
way down yonder
Miz Bear called me ta come outside yesterday.....the blue jays wuz squawkin' like a California politician with her head cut off. I went out with my pellet gun....jest in case. I seen the trees where the ruckus come frum....'n moved in slow, lookin' down fer a cat. The blue jays, cardinals 'n some other birds never let up. I seen somethin' move near the ground under the tree, but it wuz no cat. I begun ta look up. I seen a screech owl puttin' up with a heap a grackle cracklin' a few days ago. We used ta have a heap a different hawks, but nuthin' but Mississippi Kites lately.

Ever spring we have a handful of garter snakes 'n a few King snakes. I went out the gate inta the west 40 'n come up behind all the ruckus. I looked hard inta the tree limbs...then I seen it. It wuz a King Snake....bout 5' long.....climbin' up slowly. I wished him well 'n left him ta deal with them blue jays.

In the ole days there wuz a heap a snakes round these parts.....many poisonous ones. These days we got a heap a rats, but very few snakes.....jest like our country. [sigh]


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