Who was first to fly nonstop across the Atlantic...


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Aug 26, 2003
Now that days are getting short, I spend more time with books, history shows, and I get trivia questions in my email everyday.
Who was first to fly across the Atlantic? I almost forgot myself and I had a History of Aviation class in college many decades ago. Not to takeaways from Lindy.... but 81% answered this question incorrectly. Only 8% got it right.... other answered Amelia or Max Miller.
unvetted reports say a guy name of Honest Jack propped the engine on this flight.
Here is the answer.....
Hundreds of flights cross the Atlantic Ocean every day, and we have John Alcock and Arthur Brown to thank for making it possible. The duo completed the first nonstop, transatlantic flight on June 15, 1919, when they landed their Vickers Vimy airplane in Clifden, Ireland. They won £10,000 — or about $1.1 million in modern money — after completing the 1,890-mile journey in about 16 hours. All told, it took them six years to achieve the feat, due partially to the interruption of WWI, which began a year after the competition was launched. Lindbergh may have been the first to make the flight solo, on his famed 1927 voyage, but he wasn’t the original transatlantic pioneer.
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