Wolf Creek


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Took a little fishing trip this last weekend.
Fantastic fishing caught walleyes and rainbow trout. We ate fish till we couldn't eat any more.
Wolf Creek is just below the dam of Cumberland Lake in Kentucky.
Here are a few shots I thought I would share.
Foggy morning river paddle


Ha at last a decent fish.

Tasty Trout

Still foggy at 11 am.

Wading in.

Name that Trout


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Mar 9, 2005
way down yonder
Good job Q. Love that "wading in" pichur. Dam release schedule?


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Aug 26, 2003
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I've been scouting out a trip to that area. Thinking of a large house boat as a mother ship, with 4-10 paddlers having their canoe or kayak aboard and let off in the morning, and rendezvous in afternoon.



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As the lake is down 90 feet or so due to repairs being made on the dam. They were not running much water, they were only running one sleuth gate an hour each morning and an hour each evening. The water would rise about 18 inches on the river but quickly receded.

Kayak Jack
Cumberland Lake is nice, but I would look closely into renting a houseboat. A 90-foot drop in the lake level really changes the size of the lake. I would highly recommend the campground near the dam. Very reasonable rates $21 a night includes water, electric, showerhouse and close to the river. I walked the campground looking for the better sights. 1 thru 41 will be closer to the river and offer more shade. I esp liked 19 and 41 if that helps. Keep in mind it is much cooler on the river than the lake. Water temps on the river rarely get above 60 degrees. The reason is the water ran in from the lake, comes off the lake bottom. Last weekend it was mid 90’s in the campground and low 80’s on the river.
This may not be of importance to you , but if you are drinking adult beverages, be sure to bring your own. Closest beer store is 65 miles from the lake. About 80% of Kentucky Counties are dry.
The trout and walleyes will be in the river. Strippers in the lake, strippers this time of year are in the deep water near the dam :wink: Spinners worked best for the trout and shad raps for walleyes. Be sure to have a trout stamp on your fishing lic. they check!
Here are a few more pictures.

Shots of the lake.

The long boat ramp to the lake

Running the sleuth gate.

Our campsite, not shown are two tents behind me.