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Hey Jimmy glad you. Doing ok man, miss canoeing with you on the ogeechi
Thanks Catfish... would love to be on the Ogeechee again. Certainly fun & relaxing. Good people good times.
I'm in Dallas if you ever need a place to stay for treatments or just a getaway to the "big city". Cell is 214-728-5333 if that's easier.
Tom, I just saw this message. Thanks I appreciate the thought.
Have a Mid Sixties (we believe) Dale Calhoun Cypress Stump Jumper. (Duck Boat Green) 281-853-4569
Would be interested in this boat if you still got it
Hay Sparkey can I call you or can you call me would like to talk to you in privet, my num is 352- 454 2344
Is there a format that will allow pictures? I used shutterfly and pixeled to 640x350 and I get a box with an x
Seedtick, is there any way the photos your "curved stem" post can be updated, most of them seam to be broken leads or at least not working ?
photobucket decided that they needed to charge for 3rd party hosting of photos.
I opted not to pay the $40 for that privilege
photobucket apparently deleted every photo that I ever posted online
send me your email and i'll see if I can find the old photos
sorry for the late response but I don't pass by here routinely
Sorry for not answering sooner. I just found this. This new communist forum just ain't what I am used to. Maybe I'll get used to it.
Been a while since I've been on. . . Thought I'd drop in and say hi. . . How you doing?
How ya doing, old pal?
I'm doing good for a fat old man. Trying to figure out how to use this new - fangeled forum. You been doing ok?
Doing alright. . . Back in Texas trying to find work. . . Just saw the thread about you losing your son. . . Prayers for you and the Missus. . .
How ya doing, old pal
Hi, my friend. . . Just read the thread about Sondra. . . So sorry. . . She was good woman. . . .