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I'm going to try this private message thing again. I think some time ago you started a thread What Works What Don`t ?..
I have looked and looked for it. Did I dream that?
Did you get my reply to your message about a visit. I can't find either on my end. Guess I am not smart enough for all this computer business.
We are in Kiethville for a few days. Any chance you are in the Bistenau area, and have time for a visit?
Thanks for the offer, but unfortunate we are in South Louisiana for the holidays. Probably will head back Bistineau way the week after New Years. Will you still be around then?
Hey Jimmy glad you. Doing ok man, miss canoeing with you on the ogeechi
Thanks Catfish... would love to be on the Ogeechee again. Certainly fun & relaxing. Good people good times.
I'm in Dallas if you ever need a place to stay for treatments or just a getaway to the "big city". Cell is 214-728-5333 if that's easier.
Tom, I just saw this message. Thanks I appreciate the thought.
Have a Mid Sixties (we believe) Dale Calhoun Cypress Stump Jumper. (Duck Boat Green) 281-853-4569
Would be interested in this boat if you still got it
Is there a format that will allow pictures? I used shutterfly and pixeled to 640x350 and I get a box with an x
Seedtick, is there any way the photos your "curved stem" post can be updated, most of them seam to be broken leads or at least not working ?
photobucket decided that they needed to charge for 3rd party hosting of photos.
I opted not to pay the $40 for that privilege
photobucket apparently deleted every photo that I ever posted online
send me your email and i'll see if I can find the old photos
sorry for the late response but I don't pass by here routinely
Sorry for not answering sooner. I just found this. This new communist forum just ain't what I am used to. Maybe I'll get used to it.
Been a while since I've been on. . . Thought I'd drop in and say hi. . . How you doing?
How ya doing, old pal?
I'm doing good for a fat old man. Trying to figure out how to use this new - fangeled forum. You been doing ok?
Doing alright. . . Back in Texas trying to find work. . . Just saw the thread about you losing your son. . . Prayers for you and the Missus. . .
How ya doing, old pal
Hi, my friend. . . Just read the thread about Sondra. . . So sorry. . . She was good woman. . . .