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    Registration in Louisiana?

    bsmit24 is correct. No motor=no registration required. Must register it if any type of motor is used on it. If it is homemade, will need to fill out paperwork and bring it by a LDWF office for an inspection and also need copies of receipts if choose to register it. I work for Wildlife and...
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    My Strip Pirogue

    I don't get to help much on the building process, but will be happy to assist with the slime application process. I think it should take multiple coats and is best to apply liberally and frequently as the slime coat dries quickly and rapidly degrades in UV light. Don't forget your safety gear...
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    My Strip Pirogue

    It wouldn't have been such a long build If I would have stopped taking you fishing in the old boats and letting you catch all the fish. :lol:
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    Don't know of a source, but have seen them available as a motor package on Creek Boats. Check them out at under motors and possibly could contact the manufacturer.
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    National Scenic Rivers

    Seedtick, I know this is an older post, but Louisiana has an additional Scenic River program that is State Law. Here is a link to information on the program along with map of all the streams in the state. Leave it up to LA to complicate matters by more laws. :D
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    Calm Day on the Brazos

    What is the DNA sample for? I assume TPWD would be looking to see if this was a stocked genetic strain or a wild spawned fish?
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    camp fire pizza

    Very easy to do at home. We always have extra kids around the house and this is real quick and easy. You can make very small individual pizzas by pressing out each biscuit or works well with the canned crescent rolls. Ready to eat about 15-20 minutes after you start preparing.
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    camp fire pizza

    Easy recipe for any trip with picky kids. #12 dutch oven, oil, 2 cans of biscuits, 1 jar pizza sauce, 1 bag of shredded cheese, and pepperonies. Store ingredients in zip lock bag in ice chest until ready to cook. Oil bottom and sides of oven. Open biscuits and press biscuits together to form...
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    Labor Day Weekend

    Hello everyone. This is Beekeeper's son. Met some of y'all at the rendevous. Made a couple of successful trips over the long weekend. First a fishing trip. Caught a few small White Crappie(sacaulait, white perch, specs, crappie, or whatever you want to call them) Then made a camping trip...