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    List of Trators..........

    We already have laws to keep 18 year old gang bangers from getting guns. If the administration would like to do something to control gun violence, they could push for better enforcement. It has been in the news recently that the feds prosecute hardly any of the people who try to buy guns...
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    Newbie With UJ questions

    Exposure to epoxy can have a cumulative effect and you can develop an allergy to it as time goes by. You can protect yourself by, -wearing disposable gloves faithfully (try not to ever get the stuff on your skin to start with). -cleaning up with soap and water, NOT solvents. Talking about...
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    Newbie With UJ questions

    I've used West Systems epoxy in my basement, and in an attached garage. There IS a slight odor, but not by any means is it going to stink up the house. It just isn't that strong. Now polyester resin is a whole different story. But epoxy, no big deal. Just open a door like Sparkey said. I...
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    THOUGHT i was Ready!

    What I have done before is to lay wax paper or poly sheeting on the floor, put a strip of fiberglass onto that, saturate the 'glass with resin, carefully put the plywood onto the saturated 'glass, making sure to align the pieces well, then lay a strip of fiberglass onto the joint and saturate...
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    No More Tangles (Well Almost)

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    No More Tangles (Well Almost)

    Beekeeper, What brand / weight of braided line do you use when panfishing? Do you use a mono leader at the business end of the rig for reduced visibility? I've been wanting to try braid for years and never got around to it. George
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    Rub rails

    Are you saying that they are too stiff and rigid to conform to the curve of the hull? I wouldn't think 1/2" would be too thick to conform, much less 1/4". You have to understand, though, that it takes a LOT of clamps to do this. Like one clamp per foot, or more, depending on the stiffness of...
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    17 lb pirogue.......maybe

    Warrington hammer. The flat side is used to start a short brad held between your fingertips. The skinny striking surface fits between your finger tips and taps the head of the brad. Of course there is still a limit to how short the brad can be, but this works better than a regular round face...
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    The one high power rifle that I have is a .308 Winchester. I chose that because it is the 7.62 Nato round, and I figured I would always be able to get ammunition for way or another. That might be a bit silly, but it is the reason I chose it. I've honestly not hunted since I was a...
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    Creamy Ramen Noodles

    LMAO! What Matt said - I second. For the record, I like ramen noodles AND Viennas. The floor sweeping alluded to in your later post are what makes the viennas good. GB
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    Glasssing the botttom

    Just curious what sort of plywood it was? Rotary cut pine or fir (your basic BC plywood) would have some areas a lot more absorbent than others. But I don't think you did anything wrong. You have to saturate the glass, and as long as you paid attention and made sure that the glass was fully...
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    I had a similar experience while fishing with a friend in South GA. No fun. Like one of the other guys said "there ain't never a good time to do that". If you haven't ever fallen out of a canoe, you should go somewhere safe (close to shore, minimal gators and snakes) and do it on purpose so...
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    $.50 2X6 Paddle

    I agree with the other guys - a perfectly reasonable looking paddle except for the length. You need a board stretcher. The power operated ones are too damn expensive except for industrial applications, but the manual versions are reasonable and a great thing to have around the shop. You...
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    strip prorogues

    Because of concern about epoxy, and dust in general, on the last boat I built I wet sanded as much as possible. Seems to work just as well or better than dry sanding, and you don't have dust floating around in the air. Of course you can't always wet sand, but if the surface is completely...
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    New stove also charges your GPS, or lights or phone

    Items that run off of thermocouples (it isn't a new idea, although the campstove is a neat application) A fan that sits on top of a stove. Heat powers the electric motor by way of a thermocouple: ... l9oj1vkef6 A similar fan, commercial rather than...