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    A Constitutionally Compliant President

    And to think the eye candy on his arm ain't half bad either. ;) I really like the idea that he is doing his job for $1, that alone speaks volumes as to who's side he is on.
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    I'm just hoping when they come to get mine the poor sap doesn't burn his hand on the barrel when he reaches out to take it!
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    Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

    Couldn't agree more with you Chuck. We catch and release all the tarpon we catch, I understand they are not that good to eat anyway. A few facts on tarpon, the main reason you mostly catch tarpon that are around the 80 pound range is because that is as big as the male tarpon gets. The females...
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    Small Strip Canoe Plans?

    I have a friend that is wanting a 6-7 foot cedar strip canoe. He has a large landscaped pond in his back yard and wants a small canoe built to put water plants in. He also wants to create some sort of bulk head in it to allow the plants to be watered from the pond. Anyone have any ideas? A...
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    Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

    OUCH! The hook removal was our guides other service. By the last day I was taping up my fingers I set the hook twice on a big one just about the same time he decided to run. That line will burn right through the skin. :o That ratio is about right. It's all about not having slack in the...
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    Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

    Yes 5 in an afternoon is a handful. My shoulders are still sore as heck! Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Got back State side late last night. Heading to Cumberland to trout fish in a few weeks when my boy is home on leave. It will be fun, but I suspect difficult pulling in...
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    Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

    So today I went fishing. Hook up time! 80 Pounds, caught on a fly, 30 pound test, took an hour and a half to land. Times that baby by 5 for today's total catch. It has been a phenomenal trip this time I sure hate to head home tomorrow. qp
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    Been tying jigs all winter.

    Oh yes these are for use here in KY and IN fishing plus a few I've sent to the great states of TX, LA, and PA. I did managed to get out once on Dale Hollow in Dec with a friend and do a little float & Fly for smallies. Been in the local rivers in Feb and March trout fishing. Best this year...
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    Been tying jigs all winter.

    Start tying Tarpon flies next week for Costa Rica. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing a few Crappie Jigs. :D Coyote Wild Tail Orange Hot Shot Rainbow Tiger Fatso Weedless Warrior a recent Spinner bait Pink Dragon And a few of my Road Runners.
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    Massasauga Provincial Park

    Thanks for sharing Mary. I thought I would offer insight to the broken eggs. I've been told that you can pre-boil the eggs prior to a trip, about 1 min as I recall. Not cooking them but only sealing the outer layer making the shell harder and creating a seal. Never tried it myself as I always...
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    Red River Gorge

    It was a pleasure meeting you Jack and Jimmy. Glad to see you guys hiked down to Rock Bridge I love that area. Usually I take several pictures when I'm there, but this trip I only had taken a few that are worthy of posting. Jack at the campground My butterfly photo Wildflower...
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    Tioga Falls

    Back in late April I decided to take a day hike and see Tioga Falls. Located, on the Fort Knox compound near Ft Knox KY, which is open to the simple people like myself, to enjoy. Even in the pouring rain it was a trip worthy of a visit and I’m planning to return to capture the Fall colors...
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    Beautiful Snow Moose - A must see

    Wow, thanks for sharing. qp
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    Yessiree, took a little fishing trip this week.

    We hooked the big boys down near Rainbow Bend. We were not there paddling just a fishing trip on the river. Strickly a business trip :mrgreen: I'll post more this week as I get time still busy catching up and eating smoked salmon. qp
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    Yessiree, took a little fishing trip this week.

    Never saw a single bear, even ask about them and the locals acted as if they hadn't either. Had it been legal we could have maxed out or daily limit in that stream each day and spent those cold rainy days in a warm bar. :) I hooked into a nice steelhead our last day. It popped out of the...