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    laminating 4mm ply - for strength

    Thanks chaps, Can always rely on an opinion or two on here... I was concerned about the strength and have never attempted anything like this before which is why I was also including glass between the laminations, it will be a bouncy chair. There was a "design" point I did miss out, I'm...
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    laminating 4mm ply - for strength

    OK I've recently discovered that I can bend 4mm ply, now I now that doesn't come as a surprise to some but I was surprised. A little heat and gentle persuasion allows some fairly tight curves. Now my problem is 4mm is still not very strong so I need to bend a few pieces and stick them...
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    anchor trolleys

    I like that thanks. Also I've read somewhere to be careful not to secure the anchor rope too firmly to the kayak but to use some sort of quick release system/knot, apparently yaks don't bob on the surface if they're stuck to the bottom of the sea. Has anyone tried using a length (say 6 feet)...
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    anchor trolleys

    I intend to have the option to use an anchor on the south wind I'm building. I am thinking that I'll put a stainless hoop at each end and run a line in a loop between them. I'd really like to use pulleys at each end but can't find anything small enough. Which side and what's the recommended...
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    Gaps or no gaps between the seams?

    My first canoe I used the paddlepop spacer method, the canoe I'm currently building I didn't use spacers. The next boat I build (yes dammit) I'll use spacers because I like the extra security of knowing and seeing the glue squeeze through between the panels. When I've made test pieces with no...
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    rod holders

    Can someone explain the practical difference between the Cabela's rod holders 360 HT and the quick draw. I'm going to mount a couple on my Southwind but not sure which to get. thanks, Tor
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    Ham Bone , Bean Soup.

    Jack, Would this work with a Lamb bone? I have never had much success with beans but some of the stuff on here gives me some inspiration. My beans always appear dry I like them to fall apart (like tinned beans :oops: , yes I'm a heathen) how do you get them to this stage and have a sauce...
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    hairies Okwata.

    Hey Mick, do you use any cushioning on that seat? It is a ply seat with sides to the combing? and then a seat back thingy added in? I couldn't see it detailed in the build thread. Is there any support below the seat or does it "hang" from the side of the cockpit? I might try something like...
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    wire/plastic and spacers

    Thanks guys, I'm building the 15 foot South wind, should be a lot of fun. Chuck, I like that idea of the sandpaper, how do you get the epoxy in the gap if it's a tight fit? Other than boat building suppliers where the hell do ya get copper wire from (I don't fancy stripping cable) - might...
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    wire/plastic and spacers

    I'm about to embark on my next project and this one is serious... :roll: stitching plastic - big holes copper - little holes won't matter if you miss one - pricey? galv wire - little holes - need to make sure you remove all of them spacers allow space for the epoxy to go prevents wood on...
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    Naming a Canoe

    My DK canoe is called "Ninaac" was named with a dousing of alcohol too, a nice homebrewed beer... an acronym based on it's size. No It's Not An Aircraft Carrier also sounds right somehow Tor
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    I can't find a tent....

    or more to the point I can't find one I don't want to modify :twisted: so before I launch into trying to modify a tent does anyone know of one that may suit?? Ok how do I camp? Car and trailer 3 young kids 2 adults (we don't like the idea of separate tents for another 4-5 years) I like...
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    Ripstop Nylon

    The other day whilst aimlessly looking for bargains at a local camping/outdoor store we came across a new range of tents in a heavy weight ripstop nylon. My good lady touched it and immediately said "that's what we need" Trouble is she wasn't talking about the tent, we want to design a...
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    Maggots This seems to be a simple method, can't say it won't stink though. This is the best sort of fishing, throw in the bait sit back and wait letting the world go by.... Must get out again. Tor
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    Started the Sasquatch 14 x 30 build.

    I'm surprised at you all. Note: Chuck is painting the underside brightly to be visible. Now I don't know about the rest of ya but I don't see the old fella paddling where there are things under the water. I think he's becoming unstable... He needs a light boat with a bright bottom so...