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I read something similar a few years back by the same people who predicted the big collapse 2007-2008 [ some of the top US financial experts ] and were trying to warn people about it before it was too late , of course no one listened , but in the article I'm speaking of they were predicting aggression from the USA towards Russia in the near future to try and prop up the US dollar , at the time I remember thinking no one would be that bloody stupid

But any way in the article from a few years back they reckon the problem with the USD was that because of the continued printing of the dollar without any thing to back it up except more debt it just wasn't sustainable and sooner or later it was going to fall and fall big

But that reckoned it was already too late to try and lessen the impact to any real degree and it was only a matter of time before there was a enormous fall and any sensible country would be distancing themselves from the US dollar as much as possible , but that of course would turn the wrath of the US government against them , but it's either that or go down with the USA ,

The article seemed to think it was deliberate policy on the part of the US to try and make the rest of the world bear the brunt of the coming monetary collapse but it wasn't going to work and all it would achieve is to bring the rest of the world down with it ,

But any way this article isn't as technical and much easier to read


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