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Bearing Arms sends me notifications of new stuff from time to time and I came across the one below , makes me think of all the things I used to have but can't any more

Back in the late 1980's or maybe early 1990's we had some interesting firearms being made here , very simple design and they worked well , at least they did if decent magazines were being used , they were awful with the crap mags they come with but worked great with colt AR15 mags

The Armtech C60R which you in the USA knew as the Bushmaster M17S was a lot of fun , unfortunately with in a year or two of it coming on the market the government took a unreasoning hate to it and there was a lot of talk about a ban , the insides are very similar to the Leader Dynamics T2 Mk5 , another gun that was let down by the magazine contractor , I was very fond of both my C60R and my T2 , just one hell of a lot of fun and much easier to clean that the AR15

According to the video the Bushman is being made again by K&M with some improvements , could be interesting