Best Bottom Protection/Maybe?


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Jul 29, 2013
Gosh BeeKeeper, every time you post a picture I get inspired and really want to try to do something as nice as you do. Then I wander off into a bunch of you-tubes and forget how I got there.


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Mar 4, 2009
Kayak Jack said:
Good morning, JD (08:00 here). Is this finish as "slick and slippery" as the graphite? My boats go through lilly pads and other green gunk as easily as open water. Well, danged near as easily. Does the granite powder make the finjsh gritty?..........
The granite powder did not make the mix "gritty". I did add too much in the first coat and caused the finish to have an "orange peel" texture. Reduced the granite and Rocktite for the second and it leveled out fine.
The finish is more glass like, than slippery. Graphite could be added if you are a fan. This would probably create a homemade version of the "Goop It" coating sold at Academy Sports.
My guess is the graphite coatings may be somewhat better in the weeds. Probably can't tell one from the other for open water paddling. The granite coatings will scratch less and maintain its fairness better, so they should work better if the graphite is damaged. After redoing the pirogue it seems to paddle much easier.