Colloidal Silver update


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I have only been on it just over 2 weeks and so far for me it's done some significant things , my Sinusitis is under control , it had been extremely bad for several weeks and causing daily migraine like headaches , the discharge has changed from a very sickly green colour to clear , previously it has taken several courses of very strong antibiotics to get it under control
my joint pain is lessening , I have full movement in my left shoulder for the first time in years , it still goes click , click , crunch but not as bad and the pain is a lot less , I used to have constant pain with it , I had pretty much learnt to ignore it but it was limiting , I still have pain when I move it around a lot but it's a lot better than it was ,

I was actually shooting my mates 70# bow a week ago , and had no ill effects from it

I did make a mistake and go up in my dosage too quickly and ended up with a bit of a clean out from the sinuses and bowels , I was told to expect that if I started taking too much too fast , the Herxheimer effect , but I eased back and no problems

I have been taking about 160 ml per day spread over 4 doses , from my reading you need 500 ml per day for at least a month for chronic problems to have significant results but you have to ease into it ,

I've long thought that even though I've done some significant joint and tendon damage over the years that most of my problems were virus induced and that is the reason I decided to try the Colloidal silver , the tendinitis in my right wrist , elbow and shoulder have eased off and I no longer have constant pain from them either , I was able to dig a 50 metre drainage trench late last week with out ill effect , I'm no longer taking my pain medication as I had to go off them because they had lost pretty much all effect , but I'm mostly not needing them , I'll still probably need to use painkillers when I paddle but not most of the time , but it's still early days and still waiting for the full effects to come good , another thing I have noticed is that colloidal silver sprayed on a wound makes it heal faster and sprayed up the nose is about the best thing I've used for the sinuses