hairies Okwata.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida

cOuNt ..... oNe blue oCeAn About twenty times before you blow out the bottom of your boat. :lol: Jeez we want you around for a while and not with the major artier's pulsating in your neck and forehead. Something happens to you ... Ole Matt will go bankrupt ......... and you will not have anything to build or paddler.

Besides that I want to make sure Matt and his boat designing business is still here so I can get the one we have been talking about building in a month when I get back from visiting some of the folks on here and then ( Shutter ) paddling with a few of them. Yep , I like to ask for punishment , harassment , problems and the best of all ....... amusement plus the associating with folks addicted to sawdust and epoxy. :wink:

So cOuNt .... ONe BlUe OCeAn about 20 times .............

PS.. I agree with what you said ..... 120%


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Hey Mick,

do you use any cushioning on that seat? It is a ply seat with sides to the combing? and then a seat back thingy added in? I couldn't see it detailed in the build thread. Is there any support below the seat or does it "hang" from the side of the cockpit? I might try something like that on the South Wind build