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Thanks Andy , got a call yesterday from one of the chemo doctors and my blood count is down , too low for me to have chemo so off to my doctor today instead , still bleeding inside , he will have to regulate my iron tablets I suppose , but it explains why I felt like blacking out after walking 60 meters



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Have to say that my wife and family and also friends have been great , my brother come down from his home 2 hours away to be handy if needed , my wife is taking care of me and driving me to all my appointments as well as working full time just now from home , I have friends who want to visit but know I’m not really up to it at the moment and ring Shirley to find out if it’s okay to ring me as I just wasn’t up to talking for several months as any talking started off coughing fits , but most of them ring in once a week , have friends volunteering to take me fishing or to the rifle range as soon as I’m up to it , that will be a little further into the chemo and when my blood count is higher , the emails I get from you guys in the USA help a hell of a lot as well

Do have one thing that is annoying me a bit and that is that they put in a port to make the Chemo easier , unfortunately it’s on my right hand side about 3” across from my breast bone and is just close enough that it’s going to make any large calibers or shotguns problematic , rim fire and 223 should be okay but my doctor said I have to stay away from my 30/06 and 12g and also heavy loads in 45 lever gun for a while at the very least , but said it’s a perfect opportunity to learn to shoot left handed

Unfortunately in extremely right handed , so much so that if I even tried scratching my testicles with my left hand it would most probably result in my tearing them off and while I’m not particularly using them at the moment they do make my under pants fit properly

But I will be at the rifle range as soon as I’m up to it , my brother has offered to take me and our rifle club secretary has offered to pick me up and take me when I’m up to it , so all is good

I’ve been wanting to get my kayak in the water and had in mind a nice shallow area down by Big Tuarn creek , just wanted to paddle out about 50 meters and anchor and fish from it but a bloody 10’ - 11’ croc has taken to living there , it either lays on the beach I put in or just out where I like to fish from but lately has been staying around the boat ramp and pontoons about 50 meters down and some times coming up and laying on the pontoon , so I’m not fishing there until it’s gone , point is there was a croc around in little Tuan creek for quite a while and no one is sure if the new one is the old one in a new position or just a new croc , I mean they all look the same to most of us



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May 13, 2014
Central Kansas and Central Texas
David, I'm sure by now you know what a blessing the port is. My Bride had her first one taken out, didn't need it anymore and wanted to be rid of it. The second didn't function well, third one has been in three years and works great. Just has to make sure it gets flushed every three months. Sure beats the heck out of putting IV in and out and burning veins.Hers hasn't been used for three years except to draw blood for test. She's now in great shape.

We wish you well in your journey, some how we were able to keep ours positive, live in reality, and we both feel we grew from the experience.
Remember you are in this fight together, good luck.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida

The put my defibrillators unit is in the upper right shoulder area stopping me from shooting all long guns. So I know how you feel ( have a good idea ) about being restricted from shooting at this time.

This unit is the 5th one from 1993 so it has been a while since I have used a long gun. In fact it caused my job as a Deputy Sheriff/Detective on patrol. Or any activity outside of the office since I could not qualify with a shotgun on the range.
We had to qualify with a shotgun and a handgun to be state qualified to work enforcement.

Rode a dam desk till 98 and retired ( desks are boring ) . Still can't use a long gun but can use a handgun with a Browning 1911-22 being my favorite.

Besides the original heart problems since then I have survived two different cancers with two different operations for it in my life time. Each time I found it's best to follow what the Doctors tell you to do.
I went in for a chemo consultation after the last operation and lucked out. They determined that the chemo was not needed since the surgery got all of it but I do a follow up exam every 6 months. It will be two years this coming January since the last operation.

Basically what I am saying is to hang in there and get better.



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Guys no problem , I’m just impatient to see if the chemo is effective, they reckon that in my case they will know quickly if it’s effective at all and worth keeping on with , the chemo I was supposed to have yesterday was going to be my third then they would review and see if any more was worth my time and suffering ( in their words )

As I said in a earlier post my blood count was too low and that is why they couldn’t give the chemo yesterday , unfortunately they don’t know if this is because of a bone marrow problem from the chemo or because of internal bleeding , both are possible it seems and we already know that I was bleeding internally, had to have a transfusion when in hospital for pancreatitis, we just don’t know for sure that I’m still bleeding

Went to see my GP yesterday afternoon at the urging of my chemo doctor , was told that he would explain everything and work out a plan , unfortunately my doctor hadn’t been copped into the blood test results as well as all the other tests , even though he was supposed to be , it was ticked on the form but no joy and given the time of my appointment, he wasn’t able to ring up


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Had a review by the oncologist on Monday , seems there is some slight improvement with my test results , the oncologist is very happy, seems slight improvement is good , no improvement is also good , worsening results is very very bad , so they are going to review again after Christmas

My oncologist admits that he was not expecting good results , and thought no improvement was the best I could hope for , thank you mister Beck and also possibly the chem as well

Still tired all the time and suffering from chemo Brain ,loose track of my thoughts , can’t remember shit and short term memory lasts about 2 seconds , this short email has taken close to three hours to type



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Hey guys , just got back from the oncologist, he has reports from the radiologist, he reckons that I'm in remission and that the number of liver lesions has significantly decreased in number since the previous CT scans ,so for the moment no more chemo and I have a review coming up in 6 weeks and another CT scan in 3 months

Will continue to keep up the Beck Protocol