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New Pirogue Plans Available

Discussion in 'Pirogues' started by JEM, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. JEM

    JEM Well-Known Member

  2. oldyaker

    oldyaker Well-Known Member

    Hey Matt! I was going to start your other Touring Pirogue after the first of the year. How much more difficult and how much time time is added to the build on this pirogue VS. your original Touring Pirogue?
  3. JEM

    JEM Well-Known Member

    Glassing will be a bit more work.

    You'll add about 4-6 more hours total, at most.
  4. VTFogg

    VTFogg Well-Known Member

    Oh man, I'm liking this boat Matt. Hey, cut it out - it's not getting any easier for me to pick out my next project!

    Can you please tell me the height of the sides?
  5. oldyaker

    oldyaker Well-Known Member

    Off'n Matt's site...Height at bow/mid/stern 13"/10"/12"

    Me too VT.....I bought the plans for the other T-Pirogue....but I'm gonna get these and probably build it.
  6. JEM

    JEM Well-Known Member

    As oldyaker said: 10" on the sides. Still a pirogue. Maybe a 14"/11"/13" or more version someday.
  7. oldyaker

    oldyaker Well-Known Member

    OK...I'm looking over the plans and will scrounge wood later this week. How thick of a plywood should I make the frames from???
    I'll be using 1/4" Luan for the boat itself.
  8. sheena's dad

    sheena's dad Well-Known Member

    Went looking for some ply this morning so I could get a start on mine. Nothing that looked any good. Looks like I'll be heading to Houston the first chance I get on a week day to chase me down some okoume. But, like 'Yak, make the form frames outa 1/4" or what for best results... Jimmy W and Mick, your advice?

  9. JEM

    JEM Well-Known Member

    At least 1/4" for the temp frames. 3/8 would work as well.
  10. Jimmy W

    Jimmy W Well-Known Member

    I just used some old 1/2 inch OSB that I had laying around for the temp frames. BTW I never did wire the tumblehome panels to the frames, only the lower side panels. I did cut out the frames from the 3/16 ply that I used for the rest of the boat and then used them as patterns for the OSB.
  11. JEM

    JEM Well-Known Member

    That works too! :D
  12. hairymick

    hairymick Well-Known Member


    When I built Robin's P5, (very similar boat) I only had 1/8" ply for the boat and the temp frames and that is what I used.

    Heavier would be better, but you can get away with the light stuff too.

    Matt, Clearly, this one is another winner. Congratulations mate. :D 8)
  13. FrankAS

    FrankAS Active Member

    Matt I read an article about Pirogues (linked to on a post on SP) it said that the wider part is forward rather than aft on a pirogue any thoughts?

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