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Not a boat

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by Pirogue, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Pirogue

    Pirogue Well-Known Member

    After a woodworking hiatus, here is my latest.

    The wife wanted this:
    So, I bought this:
    And started this:
    And ended up with this:
    Happy wife, happy life.
  2. a Bald Cypress

    a Bald Cypress Well-Known Member

    Well said.

    Well made.

    Looks good.
  3. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Nice work and Momma should be really happy :wink: so everyone else can be happy , If Momma is not happy , no one is.
  4. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Nice ride.
  5. Pirogue

    Pirogue Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. It was a fun project. Pretty tough, but got it done.

    Getting ready to start the next. It will be water related. Hopefully more details to come. Whats nice is most of it will come from scrap wood.
  6. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    He's gonna make a water bed?
  7. seedtick

    seedtick Well-Known Member

    nice job, i've ben told there's a project like that in my future

    did you have a set of plans or did you scale from the picture?
  8. Pirogue

    Pirogue Well-Known Member


    I scaled it from the picture. I can dimension a drawing for you and gives some details if you are interested.
  9. seedtick

    seedtick Well-Known Member

    thanks but most of the furniture i make is scaled from a pic

    i had thought (hoped) you had found a site with some nice furniture plans
  10. gbinga

    gbinga Well-Known Member

    Very cool.

    On the frames - did you use biscuits, or dowels, or what?

  11. Pirogue

    Pirogue Well-Known Member

    Hey- sorry for the late response. I just saw your question. It is put together with biscuits. Very few screws. I am in the process of another bed right now. Will post when done.
  12. WadeT

    WadeT Member

    My wife spotted me looking at your post and wants a bed just like yours.... Where did you get the plans?????

  13. Pirogue

    Pirogue Well-Known Member


    No drawings were used other than sketches on graph paper. I started with the dimensions of a king sized mattress and box spring. Then I measured the foot board with enough height to keep the comforter from falling off when folded. The head board was just designed by eye. Once I got the width, I equally measured out the spaces for the inserts. All of the lumber was based upon stock widths. So the legs were 1 x 6, stiles and rails were 1 x 4's. But the legs were actually doubled in thickness for strength. The rails holding the box spring were 2x6 with 1 1/4 angle. Since we have 2 full box springs instead of one king, I did put a 2 x 6 down the center with legs. but you may not see that in the picture.

    Like I said, much of this was built by eye. But start with the King mattress dimensions and you can build out from there.
  14. nobucks

    nobucks Well-Known Member

    Nice work!

    My wife has been getting on me about replacing my daughter's queen sized bed frame. Maybe I'll have to give this a try, only not as fancy.

    Again, great job! I can hardly tell the difference between the catalog pic and you're finished product.

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