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Jun 29, 2009
As a 30+ year law enforcement veteran, I call BS! I don't know of a single line officer that would support that bill. Hell, we love guns! We love to buy them, collect them and shoot them. Take that right away from the general public and you take it away from us, too.

This isn't about the safety of law enforcement officers, it's about government control of its subjects, you and I. If this passes, what do you think the self-proclaimed conservative, Chris Christie will do? I'll be he signs it into law.

Ask an Australian what happened when the government came for their guns. Ask a Brit what happened when the government came for their guns. Ask a Canadian what happened when the government came for their guns. It ain't pretty, folks!

While we are on the subject of gun control, Mitt Romney is as anti-gun as you can get. Don't believe it? Just google "romney guns". See it for yourself. He flip-flops all over the place depending on who he is talking to, but in the end, he wants to take your guns. Given the chance, he will. Of course, so would obama. Luckily, he doesn't control the House.

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I am an Australian and no it wasn't bloody pretty the way my country was disarmed.

I just had a quick look at that putrid A588 thing and my blood is boiling again. This is very similar to what happened here only it was disguised as public safety bullshit after a masacre at Port Arthur, Tasmania where a retard allegedly shot a shit load of people.

The part about your legislation that really frightens me can be summed up in one paragraph of that link.

Cleverly disguised as police safety legislation aimed at armor piercing ammunition (which is already prohibited under federal and state law), the measure actually opens the door to a sweeping ammunition ban by an unelected public official by executive fiat. Common hunting, target, and self-defense ammunition would be subject to ban, along with BB’s, airgun pellets, and non-metallic ammunition like plastic airsoft pellets, if the Attorney General decides that they pose a threat to the safety and well being of law enforcement.

I am no Constitutional Lawyer but this would seem to me to completely subvert the power of your own constitution AND your Bill of Rights and it needs to be resisted at every opportunity.

"When injustice becomes Law, Resistence is Duty"
Ned Kelly.



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This is likely to be a long post

Here in Australia the buy back was a complete and utter failure , the government and the press say how it took so many hundreds of thousands of guns off the streets and made the country safe but this is crap , it didn't take one gun off the street , it took them from under beds and the back of the cupboard and the corner of the shed .

Even the governments own figures show that all it did was make around 750,000 semi-auto guns go underground , by banning them they just lost control of them , and then there is the fact that no one who shot regularly got out of the sport , mostly the people who gave up all their guns hadn't bothered to shoot them for years , yeah I know it still hurts giving up a prized firearm even if you haven't fired it for years , but here again things would have gone a lot better for us if every one of those firearm owners who were unhappy about the laws had just gone out and joined the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia . [ SSAA ]

Prior to the new gun laws the SSAA had around 35,000 members , after the laws come in we had 115,000 , but that wasn't enough to give us any real political power , it's been estimated that to give us any real power to effect the out come of any political threat to firearm ownership we need around 300,000 , but there was around 4 million + firearm owners in Australia , if every firearm owner had just up and joined the SSAA there is no bloody way we would have these gun laws now , as it is now the SSAA membership is 130,000+ and climbing but that still isn't enough ,

A interesting fact , in the time since the new gun laws come into effect and all those guns were destroyed over twice as many have been imported into the country

So if you in the USA want to keep your guns then become a member of the NRA , get your friends to join as well , even if you don't shoot often or haven't bothered to take your gun out in the last 10 years , join , even if you don't own a gun and are only thinking about it , join , you may not agree with every thing they do and you may think that some other group is more aggressive on some point or another but the fact is they are the biggest and have the most clout .

If the NRA does some thing you don't like don't get your back up and leave , complain and ask why , from my understanding the NRA is basically member driven like the SSAA , but if the members don't give feed back then the people at the top do what the like .

With the SSAA the local clubs appoint a person or persons to represent them at the state AGM [ usually Pres and Vice Pres ] , any problems at state level are sorted out there and any thing needed to be bought to the national body are discussed as well and then bought to the National AGM by the state Pres and Vice Pres ,but if a member has a problem he can bring it to his club President or direct to his state President or National president , all are accessible ,

If you want to keep your guns Join the NRA and get involved , get new shooters into the sport , train a junior what ever , just get involved