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Jun 29, 2009
oldsparkey said:
Welcome to America the land of free choice as long as someone else ( indirectly ) tells you what your choice should be. :roll:
It starts at the local level with the dreaded Home Owners Associations and goes from there.



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Apr 5, 2007
on the bank of Trinity Bay
It is just so nice to see someone bring these questions to the light of day. We think the things, told about the them among ourselves and it thrills me that they are taken to task for it in public (for all the good it'l do).


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A large part of the problem is us the voter , instead of voting for the person we think will represent our interests and the way we think we instead vote for the candidate from one of the two major parties because we are convinced that only they have a chance to get in and we aren't even voting to get that person in but rather to remove the last loser

Until we stop voting like that we are going to keep getting the same arseholes we always have , we need to give the new parties and independents a go

Another part of the problem is that the party chooses who they want to run and the media tells us who the best candidate for us is and we are convinced we have a say it the process

A good example of this is how the Republican hierarchy and the media worked so hard to suppress the Ron Paul movement to the stage there was out right rorting on a major scale , and huge misrepresentation of pretty much every thing he ever said but they can only get away with this because most people don't notice what is happening around them , don't care and only have the attention span for a 20 second news bite