Stanage Bay

G'day guys,

Evie and I are just about to head up north to Stanage Bay, hopefully for a couple of months or so. The area is adjacent to out Shoalwater Bay Military Training ground so internet reception should be OK. If so, I will post some piccies and a trip report as we go, and hopefully will even get a chance to slime my little Bayou Skiff with crabs and quality fish.

The truck and the caravan are loaded. We will hit the road very shortly and if I can, will post regular updates. I am bloody excited about this one!
Thanks Jack!

We have been at Stanage for a little over a week now. The only place I can get internet service is at the bar here - bugger. :mrgreen: I'm sitting on the front deck looking through palm trees at the Coral Sea on a magnificent South Pacific winters day. Its the middle of winter and I'm sitting here in shorts, t shirt sipping on an icy cold beer. (or 16) Pics to come as soon as I'm allowed to come back to the bar to sample some more of the very loverly Miss Vonn's beverages.

We have 6 to 8 metre tides here and the current is very strong but I have seen some of the biggest mud crabs of my life and even caught a couple of them.

I just can't rave about this place enough! The piccies will tell the story.

We are right next door to our Shoal Water Bay military training ground where, in recent years, we have entertained many of your countries fighting forces in joint training operations. To say they were fighting in paradise is an understatement.
Thanks for the replies Jack and Bob. Bob will take a piccie of he next one I get. They are bigger here than anywhere else I have caught them. a Body about the size of a serving platter with good claws too. They are sensational to eat and I m gonna go and set my traps again this evening.

BTW, I am using the Bayou Skiff up here with a Mercury 3.5hp four stroke, kicker. The little boat is a hoot but not really suitable for these waters.

tx river rat

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Feb 23, 2007
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When I was down there visiting a friend he use to catch them and pop the big claw off and release them, is that what you do or do you eat the whole crab?


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Good onya Mick , sorry we didn't get a chance to have a paddle before you left , I'm still on the walking stick and still can't paddle

How is Evies back ? is she getting any relief ? has she seen a pain specialist ? My doctor sent me to one and it's made a big difference , changed my pain med around a few times to find what works and next month I'm going to get the nerves burnt out in my lower back

Expecting plenty of pictures

Sorry guys, Life got in the way a bit these last few months. We are home again and I have started uploading some piccies and will try to finish this report in the next few days.

Dave, Evie's pain is worse and my freaking heart has been a SOB a bit lately but thankfully, when one of us is down the other one can carry the load a bit. It works for us. We hope to head out west again in a month or so to fish the Barcoo River and Coopers Creek.
Thanks Jack but I just can't see it happening this year.

Finally got Evie's piccies sorted and uploaded and will just post them with a bit of a story to each. A biy rusty at this so here goes. I busted my whiz bang, expensive skiff trolley on the first day I used it so I had to improvise with what I could scrounge locally. A couple of wheelbarrow wheels, some bush timber and some imagination. :D

and presto, a whiz, bang bush trailer :mrgreen:

connection to my truck for the short haul to the put in

and she's ready to go.

More soon

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Aug 26, 2003
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Cap'n Meriwether would be proud of that trailer. When Lewis and Clark reached our continental divide, they msade 7 caches, carts with wheels made of sawn rounds of cottonwood, and set off uphill - then DOWN hill. Your whizbang cart qualifies.
Thanks Jack. I'll take that as a compliment.

The put in. The thang actually works :D

Heading off up Thirsty Sound.

Lt. James Cook landed here in 1770 and so named the place because he was unable to find fresh water.

Twasn't long before I returned with a feed of these :-

Queensland Mud Crabs, Possibly the best eating crab in this country.
Re: Stanage Bay more piccies

Some more piccies from Stanage

Our camp from the water :D

The northern end of Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area

I found time to make a decent fire place while there

My new tinny

or aluminium car topper boat. Thirsty Sound is very rarely this calm. I bought this boat to give me a better chance here.