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Swiss Army , Camper.

Discussion in 'Camping' started by oldsparkey, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    I went out for a short time today to gather some dead ( storm damaged ) Oak fire wood for my wood burning , gasifyer , stoves ( The Solo Stove and the Silver Fire Scout ).

    Solo Stove Lite.

    Silver fire Scout.
    http://www.silverfire.us/new-for-2014-s ... ng-bug-out

    I took my Victorinox Swiss Army knife ( Camper ) with me so I would have a small saw blade to use. I cut or broke branches about 2 1/2 inches in length and anything I could not snap apart I used the knifes saw blade on it. It does a good job on branches up to about nickle size. I did not try it on anything larger since I was after branches from dime size to twigs. Twigs to get the fire going , pencil thickens for a quick fire and dime for a longer lasting fire.


    The new ones on there web site have the word ( Camping ) on one side. I guess mine is older then most since it has the non gloss ( brushed ) sides. :roll:
  2. dawallace45

    dawallace45 Well-Known Member

    I carry a Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife , the Swiss Army knife is the only knife mentioned in our bloody stupid knife legislation by name as being legal to carry

  3. doc

    doc Active Member

    I use a Victorinox as my every day carry. Can't beat it. When I'm camping/paddling my two cutting tools are a Leatherman Sidekick and my trusty 1899 hatchet. The saws on both the V. and the L. are comparable. I gave up carrying a fixed blade knife and separate saw when I converted completely to small fires and a stick stove, which has been liberating.
  4. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    After reading posts here, I might be a minority.

    I have owned two or three Victorinox knives. I have none of them. The words that came to mind, both when just looking at them and trying to use one - are "cheap gadget". I found them to be hopelessly fragile, and too much like tourist junk found in Mexican souvineir stands.

    I'm glad others can use them. Frankly, I'd value a good piece of flint or obsidian much more.
  5. dawallace45

    dawallace45 Well-Known Member

    I own about a dozen Victorinox knifes when I include my butcher knives , fishing knives and such , my brother who is a qualified butcher with many years in the trade mainly uses Victorinox , I was up the butcher supply place in Bundaberg about a week ago and they were telling me that Victorinox out sells all their other stocked brands by 10 to 1 , here they are what the professionals use

    As far as the Swiss Army knives , I've had them made by Victorinox and Wenger , both have been excellent , I have however had some cheap copies made in china , the philippines and malaysia and they were crap ,

    I've never been able to destroy a SAK made by Victorinox or Wenger but I have destroyed two Gerber Multi Tools [ which they replaced right away as they reckoned they must be faulty since they seem to have the idea that the main hinge pins can't be broken by hand pressure alone ] [ I've done it twice ]

    The SAK is not a gimmick , it's a very handy tool , there is only one tool on mine that I haven't used and that is the hook tool , I've owned probably about a dozen or more that have been stolen nor at least gone missing over the years

  6. nardob

    nardob Member

    No doubt that the Victorinox is great pocket tool. Very well crafted.
  7. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    ( "As far as the Swiss Army knives , I've had them made by Victorinox and Wenger , both have been excellent , I have however had some cheap copies made in china , the philippines and malaysia and they were crap.")

    That's the trouble , people assume they have the real deal and then fault the original ones as junk when the knockoffs fail.
    I have never had a original one fail me and I do use them. Right now I have the Swiss Champ The Fisherman , Camper and several of the real little ones. The Champ weighs just over 6 ounces but has anything a person will need on it. It has been on every canoe and camping trip with me.
    One person at the Sheriffs Office had the Swiss Champ ( It has a lot of tools on it ) he has used it for at lease 30 years , or longer , that I know of. He was never without it all those years and if he is still alive today ( you could easily add another 20 years ) I will bet he still has it on his belt.

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