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What knife do you carry on or with you?

Discussion in 'Campfire Chatter , including questions and mistake' started by rpecot, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. GoodOlBoy

    GoodOlBoy Well-Known Member

    I attached a picture of my usual carry items. A USMC Kabar, A Scharade sharpfinger, a scharade 3 blade pocket knife, a 38 snubnose, a 1911A1, and a Ruger Blackhawk in 45LC


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  2. Wannabe

    Wannabe Well-Known Member

    Stay the heck out of Houston. Ain't much worth having over there anyway. If ya want to carry a long knife on your hip come to Anahuac. No one will notice or care.
  3. rogerx

    rogerx New Member

    I carry this one.
    Folding knife with brass knuckle.
  4. GoodOlBoy

    GoodOlBoy Well-Known Member

    I hear ya Bob! I don't go to Houston anymore unless I can help it.

  5. CanoeCritter

    CanoeCritter Member

    Not to hijack this thread but has anyone used or tried the Glock model 79 or 81?
  6. gbinga

    gbinga Well-Known Member

    Now that I think about it, here in Georgia we only recently fixed our concealed carry laws so as to cover knives. Up until a year ago it was possible for a person with a pistol permit to get busted for having a concealed knife!!

  7. Wannabe

    Wannabe Well-Known Member

    I went to a gun show in Pt. Arthur today and picked up a couple of machetes. A 21 inch Onterio Knife with a D handle and a 18 inch Moore Maker. Both are made out of the same kind of steel. The Onterio has more reach but the More Maker is thicker. Couldn't make up my mind so got both.
  8. jpsaxnc

    jpsaxnc Active Member

    A friend and I went hunting one day 60 miles from home, I was carrying a single shot .22 and a Swiss army knife. About a half hour into our hunt the firing pin on my gun broke in two, it was the flat key shaped type firing pin. What to do? luckily the Swiss army knife had a file blade, a screwdriver blade, and a hacksaw blade. I used the screwdriver blade to unscrew the trigger guard, which was a flat piece of metal, I pounded the trigger guard out flat between two semi flat rocks and used the awl blade to trace and scribe the shape of the broken firing pin on the flattened trigger guard, there was an old weathered fence post near by with a number of cracks in the top so I pounded the flatend trigger guard into one of the cracks like a vise and using the file and hacksaw blades fashioned a working firing pin and was able to continue with the hunt.
  9. alex jones

    alex jones New Member

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