Where is Hairy Mick


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Guys I know I haven't been on the forum for some time , this was due to ill health , getting a bit better and thought I might contact Mick to see what he's been up to , but the old number I had for him is no longer current , looks like he hasn't been on the forum for some time either , any one have a current email address or a phone number ,

He only lives 30 minutes away but I haven't been up to driving for a while now , so he may as well be on the dark side of the moon at this time

So has any one heard from him or is he traveling again



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Thanks Chuck , God knows where he is now , possibly camped becidee a stream , half his luck

My time limit imposed by my knee surgeon before I could get back in my kayak is up now , I'm hoping to get it in the water soon , would have had it in the water by now except that about 4 months or so back I developed a very bad cough , bad enough that a coughing fit would last long enough that I some times passed out from low blood pressure and lack of oxygen, it kept me from sleeping , couldn't go out , hell couldn't even get to the range to shoot , got a 45 Kentucky rifle and a Howa Mini action in 223 to shoot in and haven't been able to get there ,

Just not safe for me to drive at the moment

Had a shit load of tests , don't have any infection , no whooping cough , they are putting it down to bad asthma and hay fever and a scarred oesophagitis , see the specialist next week , it's getting slowly better , not coughing up blood any more and haven't blacked out from a coughing fit for a week

By the way guys I seem to remember that there are a few other guys on the list with bad backs like me , so I just wanted to pass on some information , about two months back my wife bought me a new mattress , it was called a Adjusta Matress and as it says is adjustable front and back with a remote control , also vibrates ,

I now sleep on my back with my knees and head raised slightly , it's made a amazing difference to my back , I'm still on painkillers ( opioids) but not near as much as I was on before and much less residual pain , actually for the first time in many years I have no constant pain at all unless I start doing some thing heavy , have actually cut my meds in half

These things aren't cheap but with it , they are topped with memory foam , not enough for me unfortunately with my size I needed more so put on a memory foam topper , , also I don't use a pillow any more , just one of those memory foam horse shoe shaped traveling neck cushion so my head tilts back a little more , don't snore near as much now