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    Alabama - Bartram Canoe Trails
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    A pair of Totos

    Hey, David, I built a Toto several years ago. Fun boat. I use it mostly for fishing in small lakes close to home. Actually, I am thinking about converting it into a "nesting" canoe. About a foot in front of the stearn bulkhead is the spot you want to sit in it so I am thinking of cutting...
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    Doing the Black Bottom ... /index.htm has it for $7 per pound. has it for about 8.95 per pound. Don't know about shipping costs but I have bought things from both of them and both were decent on shipping costs.
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    Flu Shots.....

    I get them every year and have done so for quite some time without any subsequent ill effects. Maybe forty years ago they used live viruses but now they are killed viruses. If you got sick after taking a flu shot then I suspect you were already infected with something. Sure it only protects...
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    try pick a few songs you like and it customizes an internet "radio" station for you. Pretty neat in my opinion.
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    Gotta question from a nooby builder See the first question and answer. I can find other professional sites that state the same but I will try to shut up now. :wink:
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    Gotta question from a nooby builder

    I have built one from luan that is about 7 years old. The boat is stored outside and is fine. I was not trying to say that it would not hold up with a bit of luck in quality control but that boat was built from exterior luan. Building one now from the same kind of plywood. My concern was...
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    Gotta question from a nooby builder

    Good Day to you too, sir. I hope you are well. I have seen a canoe built from interior ply deliminate in a matter of months while it was stored in the guy's backyard not far from me. Not the best of situations to be sure; he stored it upside down on sawhorses without even a tarp. However...
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    Gotta question from a nooby builder

    Luan comes in "water resistant" and "exterior grade." Locally in the big box stores, the Home Despot carries the former and Lowes carries the latter. The only trouble with using exterior grade Luan is the lack of quality control but if you are careful selecting the sheets it can work quite...
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    Gotta question from a nooby builder

    It does not matter whether you fiberglass and epoxy encapsulate the entire boat inside and out....moisture will seep in and out. If you do not have an exterior grade of plywood (resourcinol glue; i probably mangled the spelling) then the plywood will delaminate--probably in one or two years...
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    Gotta question from a nooby builder

    The most important thing to look for in choosing plywood: exterior (waterproof) glue. NOT water resistant; NOT interior grade.
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    Flu Shots.....

    I have to disagree with most of the comments on the flu shots. I have never gotten sick after taking a flu shot in about 13 years of them. It takes two weeks to build up the immunity. If you got sick right after getting one then I would bet you were already infected with something. The little...
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    Tick removal

    In the past I have put a dollop of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the tick. They can't breathe and let go in a minute or two. Luckily they were always on a dog and not on me so I didn't mind the wait. Started doing that after one tick I pulled off with tweezers scarred a dog on top of her nose.
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    free pirogue plans

    posted on another forum that I frequent--free pirogue plans. From LSU agriculture department someone said; I really didn't look at the plans closely. No rocker--probably to float in as thin a water as possible?
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    a paper ( no joke ) pirogue

    Interestingly, I found a note that 95% of the human population is immune to leprosy. It also hits twice as many men than women. It is treatable but takes about 6 months to get rid of it. from wikipedia: Armadillos are often used in the study of leprosy, since they, along with mangabey...