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    Dan River Batteau

    If you like discussion of historical boats, the "Boatwright's shop" forum at Frontier Folk has had a ton of threads over the years. Not suggesting anyone leave here - just offering a source for more discussion:
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    Pirogue History Question!

    I think in the context here, that's completely correct, Chuck, and probably the best solution for the boats we are talking about. If you start digging deep enough, "Pirogue" and several variants of the spelling show up in early colonial texts. They're a much bigger, sailing boat that are often...
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    On the drawing board

    Free, but you can donate to support it
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    Glassing bottom of an UJ's Pirogue

    That depends on the weight fabric you're using, and how light you're trying to make the item (whether boat or not). With very light fabric - 1 oz or less, you can wet it out and fill the weave with the first coat, and it comes out a lot lighter. Either way, you'll be happier if you do a coat...
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    Glassing bottom of an UJ's Pirogue

    I've done what Chuck said. I've put on glass with really thin epoxy and no 'pre-coat'. The latter was not a good idea in the long run. Got good glass to wood seal, plenty in the wood itself, but didn't fill the weave. More often, I put a thinned coat of epoxy on, then lay the dry glass, then...
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    one epoxy brand from another

    I like the "pump" style epoxies best - I have less problems measuring and mixing, and can mix relatively small amounts precisely. That's important when it's as hot as it often is when I'm working, and since I have to work outside. As long as I count carefully, I've never messed up a West mix...
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    Being prepared (first aid and medicine)

    Ok - that wasn't at all clear from the original post in the camping forum. Not many people camp for 30+ days.... Bottom line, have the full packages of all that stuff instead of small, portable packs and you're probably good - I'd add at least two full courses of a broad spectrum antibiotic...
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    Being prepared (first aid and medicine)

    I tend to have a big kit available - goes back to the days I hunted hogs, bears, coons and such with dogs. Have been restocking it lately since there are some good new products on the market like the blood clotting agent. A good list for expedition/camping style paddling is on Bryan Hansel's...
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    Quick Paddling trip destination: Lake Blackshear, GA

    Paddled at Veteran's state park on Blackshear for the first time this summer on Saturday. My son had told me a month or so ago that water hyacinth had blocked off the best, most scenic portion on the far side of the railroad trestle, but I figured that, being the most excellent paddler I am, I...
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    Crocks.....thinking after those river run's

    I've about worn my fourth pair of Crocs down to slick as ice. Have all four pairs sitting around - wear them when doing pretty much anything in the yard that doesn't involve large power tools, and keep a pair near the back door to put on when I need to run out back for something. They're good...
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    Bear proof food containers.

    Bleh. I had hoped FL & GA wouldn't need to start requiring them any time soon. There's a bearproof 'bag' called the Ursack that is legal most places. It's supposed to be a lot easier to transport, and meant to be hung, not just left lying around. Trouble is I can't find...
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    My DIY stoves.

    Nice job - have been playing with various twig burners for a couple or three years now, with little alcohol stoves for 6 or 7. I like twig burners for river trips, but keep an alcohol stove in my bug out bag - nice after a cold morning hunting to heat up a quick cup of instant whatever. As for...
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    Practice Paddles

    Nice. The ones with different tones on the feathering from shaft to blade (like the third from left in the top photo) - did you laminate another layer or laminate on a blade, or is it just the lighting?
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    Manufacturer Identification Code

    I did a bunch of research on this way back last century. A long thread on the baidarka list is here: Bottom line is the Coast Guard can ticket you or take your boat if you don't have a Hull ID. It probably won't happen, but it could under...
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    Dutch Ovens

    Like a couple of people said, it sounds like you need a kettle instead of a dutch oven, since you are hanging over the fire, instead of using the lid and making an "oven". For hanging when I have to tote it, I like my spun brass kettles like these: http://www.mcpheetersantiquemilitaria.c ...