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    Where are the Boat Builders?

    Been times of lots of other things going on.Grandkids are getting bigger and I'm planning to bring them in on one this Summer.
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    Determining rocker

    Doc, got any pictures of how you did that?
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    New style hardtop

    Funny, I've never had Photobucket delete any of my pictures.
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    Another old Benjamin

    As we say on the SKS forum, "Pics or it didn't happen!"
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    Anatomy of a Thug

    See attachment.
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    New style hardtop

    ????What's up with all the deleted pics???? Man, I stay off for a while and miss everything!
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    Dry Docked Deer

    Enjoy the read!
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    Update on 18# Pirogue

    "ERROR 423 Locked The requested resource is currently locked. The lock must be released or proper identification given before the method can be applied."
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    planked piroque

    So, it's natural, then, and has nothing to do with diet and exercise, eh? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    TV 19'1"- 32 racing pirogue

    Yeah...and they'll be wrong, too! Watering like hell at evening, and then can't drive a nail in the dirt by noon!
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    True Story, no BS here= UFO in Ponchatoula

    They were wanting info on pirogues.
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    stomach parasites or iffy water

    Kinda like the cat & the turpentine, no?
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    15 MPH Tomato

    Not 'zackly. When I was hauling "green garbage" they tossed cyanide or ethylene bombs into the trailers to ripen 'em.
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    New guy questions.

    Easiest way is just order the fourth rib. If you have a table saw, all you need is the plans. I don't, so I ordered the plans, stems, and four ribs. Plans, stems, and 4 ribs don't run much for how good they are and how much they gain you.