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    Baroon Pocket, Kondalilla Falls & Tree Tops

    Mick; A few weeks back there was a report on one of the news stations about a small town over here in the US doing the same thing, printing their own money. The report said that their was nothing illegal about it. I think the town was in one of the Carolinas, but not certain. The way they did...
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    Dutch Ovens

    Shoot Chuck, if you cut on oval hole in the top of that cooking grate, that thing could serve a dual purpose and delete a whole additional thread. :lol: :lol: Course, you wouldn't want to be using it over the fire at the time. DM
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    Temporary keel strips?

    Your mis-reading. The boat pereaux is building is a 10'-er, 28" wide with a depth of 11.5". DM
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    Here's your sign....

    Wish my mango tree had that problem, maybe in a few years. Me & the girl were over on the Ft Myer's side of Florida a few weekends back, and decided to do the touristy looky-lu thing, and did the tour of the Thomas Edison House & Museum. He collected plants from all over the world and grew them...
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    Flu Shots.....

    Well it gives the talking news heads something to talk about and talk about and talk about and talk about. :roll: Guess they are getting in shape since hurricane season is just a month and a few days away. DM
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    Thanks from a newbe!

    One thing to keep in mind (or a word of warning) with that cart design. When transporting to the water, with the boat moving forward, if you come to something that will stop the wheels from rolling (rock, stick, root, roadkill possum...), the cart will stop, boat will want to keep going forward...
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    Triangles??? Cubic feet??? What's next? X's multiplied by Y's divided by a square root of Z. If its more than cypering a couple of oughts (maybe a double ought) and a goesinta or two, it's getting pretty complicated. :lol: DM
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    Wooden boats full of water dont float! :lol: DM
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    Another homemade hammock-- take 2

    Just a question for all you hammock types. If you where on TRR's last Brazo paddle, sleeping in a hammock tied to a tree, in a lightning storm (never mind the winds for now). Since hunkering down under a tree during a lightning storm is a no-no. What would you do in that situation? What do...
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    1st Timer Build Log

    If you hold a hot soldering iron to the srew for a small while to heat the screw, the epoxy will loosen its grip on the screw and you should be able to back it out. Maybe not on the first shot, but if you repeat, heat & turn it should come out. Of course if you are using something other than...
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    The Low Down on GRITS............

    Piper; Do you use wasabi or Crystal Hot Sauce (or maybe Texas Pete) with the Southern Sushi? DM
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    Fast grits recipe

    The rest are paddling & camping along some river in Texas. DM
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    The Great S.P. Rendezvous 2009

    From the picture, the recipe looks to be: 2 pounds bacon 2 pounds pork sausage 1 can cat food (secret food surprise that was rumored? :wink: :lol: ) 1 can Vienna sausages and a Slim Jim All the pictures are great. DM
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    The Great S.P. Rendezvous 2009

    Yep, almost like I was there. :lol: DM
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    Tea Bags.....

    Dont forget to add an additional 20 cents postage per envelope, since the tea bag in an envelope will make it to bulky to go thru the automatic sorting machines, and it will have to be hand sorted. Or you will just get it back in a few weeks. Of course, since 9/11 not sure how many "lumpy"...