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    Canoe Carts

    Mick, I would really like to see what you come up with. I have been thinking of building something like this myself.
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    Interesting visitor

    I had a visitor in my front yard not long after we moved here. I went outside and it was not afraid of me, but it did not seem aggressive either. Since there are officially no wolves in Arkansas, I emailed these pictures to the game and fish commision, and asked them what it was. (I knew what it...
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    How NOT to crank a chainsaw!

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    Mick's Julie Skiff build

    Mick I'm really looking forward to seeing this build. I have had these plans for a while myself. It should be a very useful boat.
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    Planning new powered pirogue

    Bob I built the two electric boats from a set of custom plans Matt provided. They are complete except for the camoflage I had planned. I had them inspected and registered in Arizona, however they have not been used since testing them. I have since retired from the National Park Service in...
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    Relative hardness of poly versus epoxy resin

    I had access to a Brinell tester a few years ago, but not now. If I can find the pencils, I am going to do a few tests. It would be interesting to see how different compounds affects the actual hardness. The toughest mix I have seen yet is the fumed silica mix I used in the end pours of the two...
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    Relative hardness of poly versus epoxy resin

    I'm curious if anyone has any specs on the relative hardness of epoxy versus poly. I did a very unscientific test today on the Swamp Girl I built this past spring, and my bass boat. (which I assume is made with poly resin) I scratched the Swamp Girl with my trusty Uncle Henry in an...
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    Home Pickled Fish

    I have read about pickled fish in outdoors magazines, but have never tried it. Never even knew anybody who had tried it. Being from East Texas, the fish I am familiar with is cooked anyway you like, as long as it is rolled in corn meal and fried. I would not mind trying pickled fish, but I would...
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    Colorado River, below Hoover Dam

    The water below Hoover dam stays the same temperature year round because it is coming from very deep in the lake. Even the surface water in Lake Mead is pretty cool though, because like bearridge said, it's from snow melt. It does seem strange to have water this cold in the desert. This is a...
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    Colorado River, below Hoover Dam

    Bearridge is right. I've read that the water is 53 degrees year round coming out of the dam. It's crystal clear and looks inviting, but a little too cool for swimming. It's a popular trout fishing area, I've seen some huge rainbows come out of there. It's strange, but if you get in the shade of...
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    Colorado River, below Hoover Dam

    Chuck There a few pretty nice camp sites. In February or March, they should be be available pretty much anytime. These folks were packing up to leave. There were several groups of kayaks that were on the bank, appparently there was something interesting to see up the side canyons...
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    Colorado River, below Hoover Dam

    I decided to take a day off from my boat building and take a little river trip. This is the Black Canyon area of the Colorado, from the dam down to Willow Beach. We put in at Willow Beach about 7:00 AM. It was already 93 degrees then. We took out about 11:30, it was 109 degrees then. By the...
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    I'm a redneck from northeast Texas and am a little partial to cold beer.
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    Sounds good, as long as we're camped on the water somewhere. I'll hold you to it. I'll remind in about 640 or 650 days, although I'm not really counting. :roll:
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    I really think I could get a lot more done if I didn't have a real job. It interferes with a lot of things I want to do. I can retire in 719 days, but I'm not really counting.