Hairies South Wind (Southern Cross)


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south wind

Hi Mick, nice thread with some good photos mate. I've never did a stich, but you make it look like a lot of fun. Where is the snow, you must be in South Australia? Your doing a great job ,thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Later Keith


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Mar 9, 2005
way down yonder
Friend Mick,

How bout the convict boat? Where iz it today?


Man developed in Africa. He has not continued to do so there. P. J. O'Rourke


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida

I'm anxious to see the completed boat , it sure is looking good at this stage.

Looking at your pictures .... I am not sure how to say this , so I guess straight up and out is the best way.........

Mate ... you need more boats and how in the devil did you get Jack over to your next of the woods to pose for the pictures. We have trouble getting him out of his home town much across any state line or to a different country. :lol:

PS. I noticed you even got him to shave. :shock: Handsome devil - ain't I! (Jack here)


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Dec 8, 2005
Queensland, Australia
Hi guys,

Thanks for all the kind words.

Keith, mate stitchen em up is for me, the best part. just watching them come to life and develope a personality of their own. The more i work on this one, the more excited I am getting about its potential.

re the snow, never seen it here. Today is pretty cool though, got down to about 85F. got my winter woolies on. :D

Friend Bear - Convict Boat? oh you mean the UJ pirogue in jail? Still locked up I'm afraid.

Hi Dan,

Thanks mate. She is about as close as I could get to your beautiful Sea 1 from just the piccies. Do you think the guys on your forum might be interested in the build?

hi Chuck, Thanks mate. :D She seems a little fuller in the bow than I had hoped for but nevermind, still a pretty fine entry and should slip along OK.

will post some more piccies tonight. I did a slight modification to the method for pulling the stems flat this morning. Works a treat.