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    Is this Uncle John or a rip off?

    The boats on this site look identical to my UJ pirogue. Any one know if this site is Uncle John's or is someone just ripping off his design?
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    Another New Guy

    Very nice! I love the blonde! Greg
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    Just started some winter maintenance

    I didn't get all of the things I wanted to do during the winter but I did just finish painting the the outside. I had to do some repairs so the inside will have to be painted next. I used walmart porch paint in Mallard color then coated it with some interlux goldspar gloss. I think it turned...
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    Done.... Finally!

    That looks really great! Awesome job!
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    Quick finish question

    I just got through painting my pirogue I finished last year. I'm used the exterior porch paint but I could only get satin so I want to put a gloss coat of varnish, poly, etc. Should I wait 5-7 days after the last coat of paint for it to cure or is it ok to go ahead with the finish sooner...
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    11.6 ft pirogue.. build pics(+launch)

    I'm sure you're very proud of yourself...a very nice looking boat!
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    Just started some winter maintenance

    They actually have the power to put a penalty lien on my house. They aren't really bad it's just that I kind of juked them with the shed I built. It was supposed to have hardi-plank like my house but I used smart panel. By the time someone realized it, it was past the 60 day mark which means...
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    Just started some winter maintenance

    I would have to do something really easy because I use it every day during the summer. I'm lucky enough to have a nice pond behind our house and I try to take full advantage of it! A lean-to would be ideal but I had a hard enough time getting my shed approved by the homeowner's association in...
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    Just started some winter maintenance

    No, definitely not fasteners. The wood seems to be fine. I sanded most of the darkness away. I may opt to put some fiber glass on the rub rails to make sure moisture doesn't get in there again. I assume it's moisture that caused the dark spots. I have no way to store the boat inside and...
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    Just started some winter maintenance

    After only one summer of sun my natural finish has become blotchy. I did apply uv protection varnish but I guess it wasn't enough. I'm doing a little sanding now and will be painting it dark green soon. Another problem I'm working on is the rub rails. I got quite a few places where the wood...
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    A shorter UJ Pirogue

    12' foot might be ok. That would be about 4' less than the UJ. What you built is exactly like what I was thinking. Shorter but with some decks. Looks awesome.
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    A shorter UJ Pirogue

    I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to sink with my fat butt in it. That's why I wanted to bounce it off you guys. Thanks
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    A shorter UJ Pirogue

    I was thinking about building another UJ pirogue. I want to build something shorter than my 15' 8" pirogue. One that will be easier to throw into the back of the truck without 10 minutes of tying down. I weigh about 225 lbs so how wide would I need to make the bottom if I did something in the...
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    Nother new build

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    Pirogue build in Delaware

    Awesome job! It's looking really good!