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    Wannabe San, They are boiled and pickled and really very good. :D
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    Just a little fresh DAMPER and GOLDEN SYRUP

    375ml or 13 fluid ounces. :D bugger, one could always open a second beer? I guess we could work out what to do with the other 11 ounces. :D
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    Just a little fresh DAMPER and GOLDEN SYRUP

    That one looks the goods mate. Here is my recipe. :D Beer Damper, recipe as follows. 4 cups SR Flour Tbl Spoon Butter 1 can/bottle of Beer Mix it all up bundle the dough into a camp oven cook on coals, Dead easy mate. :D
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    3 most important things

    G'day Richards, Yeah mate that's pretty much it. :D Oh Yeah, G'day George, Thanks mate but while my country has a few very special gems here and there, They are the exception rather than the rule. There are a lot of miles between these gems.
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    3 most important things

    G'day Richard. I have edited my previous post but specifically the little furry critters are Bettongs. The are small marsupial, very quiet and shy and very gentle.
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    3 most important things

    I guess Evie and i are pretty unsociable. When we go camping we try to get as far away from others as we can. Depending on where we go, we like to go fishing, Bushwalking (hiking) in the rainforest or the mountains Photography of course :D Getting to know some of the amazing fauna...
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    low water short trip

    G'day Joey, good report mate and that burger almost looks like a proper hamburger too. :D all it needs is beetroot (I think you guys call em beets?)
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    Christmas Toys

    I got a Ipod nano loaded with all my favourite country artists and a ipod dock. and lots of hugs from the grandkids. :D
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    Holiday Eats

    Evie and her two lovely daughters did ham, prawns (shrimp) chickens and more different salads than I can remember. Was the best Christmas feast i have ever had.
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    New Store in Hammond

    Nah, I'd rather have a beer or go fishing or something.
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    3 most important things

    1. Shelter 2. Water 3. Food
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    Bloody good rant mate. :D :D and all so very true.
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    Public Notice concerning my vicious dog

    Can I at least have a pup out of him mate?
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    Jack & Dave, Australia is in an identical position. While we were never a great manufacturing nation, we did cover most of our own needs. Now just about everybloodything we buy is made in China or somewhere else in Asia. Our jobs are likewise being exports in an unprecidented scale. We too are...
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    Digging Tools

    G'day Jack, sorry mate I couldn't help meself. I use a small shovel, more, a shovel designed for four wheel drive vehicles, also a small mattock like implement that I made using part of a leaf spring from a car with about 2 feet of 1/2inch water pipe for a handle. it has a 3" wide blade on one...